Ten Minute Pitch

Give us a look at your story. Write a query letter to us. Investigate online about query letters, and spend ten minutes writing one to us about your story. Keep in mind our submission guidelines (below) to avoid rejections.

Send your query letter to:

Add "Ten Minute Pitch" to the subject line. Thanks!

Suggested Items to Include:


Author's address and email

Title, genre, and word count

Story synopsis of characters, backstory, and plot twists

First ten pages of your science fiction (or other genre) manuscript

Submission Guidelines

Types of Publication

  • E-book and paperback
  • Only complete manuscripts
  • No series
  • Accepting audio version author's readings of books
  • Immediate Wordpress support for accepted authors


Authors will be compensated with 35% of gross profit or another negotiated royalty plan.

Contracts have varied betwen 20% net and 35% gross. Contracts are important agreements that we can make human. Please commit with your signature only after making a plan to stick with us for the most successful adventure of your life.


  • Science fiction
  • Horror
  • Paranormal Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Romance
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Society/Culture
  • Looking for cover art in these genres

Submission details

  • Reprints: Not Accepted
  • Email and mail submissions accepted
  • Email for querying editor
  • Word or Open Office files accepted, no PDF
  • Cover letter with author bio required
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted - yes
  • Multiple submissions accepted - yes
  • Accepting all year
  • Requesting sole rights to publish the novelette during one or more publishing periods

Currently Accepted Word Counts

Flash Fiction: 200-1,000 words

Short Story: 5,000 words

Novelette: 14,000-17,000 words

Novella: 17,000-50,000 words

Novel: 50,000-100,000 words

If you want to publish something small, consider allowing us to promote your work instead.

Response time

We will try to respond with one quarter of a year or 3 months. If there's no response after 3 months, ask us again about your submission