What started off as a simple portfolio slowly became the Caesar Naples Wiki. We can't remember exactly, but one of us decided to market this website towards teenagers. We're going to use this part to focus on the young people, instead of bolstering our own egos about the fact that we really actually made it. If you're a teenager, this website is so meta for you to visit. Don't ask us what that means. But rest assured, it's cool. If you could imagine yourself jumping on the elephant back of Caesar Naples himself, and riding into the dawn air, tightly squeezing each elephant ear as your own ears are tickled by the breezeā€”if you can imagine that, you have some inclination to understand what making this was like for us. For that, we are humbled to find ourselves in your digest. The Caesar Naples Wiki site had a focus. That focus was social networking. Social media. Making connections. Introducing amateurs not just to high writers, but high resources and high ideas. We felt, riding atop the dry sandy elephant back, that we were learning things that we never expected to learn.

Welcome Back.

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The Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma strives to be the place where people explore yesterday's heritage, today's information, and tomorrow's dreams.

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On Facebook, there are millions of writers. Why aren't you one of them?

Enter Bloodland Tales on Caesar Naples Wiki

Caesar Naples Wiki

Here is the latest example of Caesar Naples' writing. The imaginary staff at the Wiki have analyzed nearly every piece for your entertainment. Including The Cult novelette and close to 100 flash fiction entries. Don't forget to check out the art inside. Caesar Naples delivers his personal brand of time traveling action, as he explores psychic powers, exotic wars, and planets outside the solar system. A book that's ten years in the making, with writing from Naples in high school. Those perfected stories are then partnered with much more recent writing, to deliver a textured experience for readers. Enjoy.

Caesar Naples Wiki 2

From even further out there in the reaches of space comes celebrated author Caesar Naples, hidden from view. He's been found by Caesar Naples Wiki and his revealing stories about the nature of space and time are all here. Take some time to really get out of the norm with this flash fiction collection by author Caesar Naples

The Cult

A teenage boy ventures through a world devastated by a drug known as Chem 1 and eventually finds success he never expected.

The book is about mental health and psychology, and contains those relevant depictions of what goes on in the mind of a unique boy dealing with a harsh science fiction reality.

Social Media Marketing Book

Caesar Naples comes forward with his first entry into the Copypasta Publishing library. He offers sound tips that have stood the test of time for social media marketing campaigns. He also delves into the extra world of paranoia and delusion to make some bold claims about reality.

Dreams of Morpheus

by Paul Harris and M. J. Hewitt

The interoperative code of our lives is secretive to us. Open-minded people cannot even see the lines of speech that drive us. We may analyze the "demon" and his placement, hidden, in our lives but only through the recourse of conversation will we be delivered. Paul Harris and M. J. Hewitt both exercised their talent in revealing an emotive, natural display of understanding while they created this book. The ultimate collection in perfect, synchronistic order, you may view a speechless beauty somewhere in the ebook.

By M. J. Hewitt

From M. J. Hewitt, a horror author who spreads the demise of his spirit in every bone-sucking chapter. His intense ruminations on dark spiritual forces contain the potion to convert us into the archons of hell.

By Scott Branchfield

The crew of the Webelos launch a mystery during spaceflight that is only solved when someone on the ship observes something completely unexplained. The entertainer, Stot, questions his humanity when the secret is finally revealed.


Your focus as tester will be. . .

  1. Design and look of a literature weblog being built on the advanced Google Cloud platform
  2. Perfecting ease of use of new features, for young (5th-12th grade) writers
  3. Safety awareness in design to prevent privacy breaches, adult content, and menacing user behavior
  4. Contribute your new feature ideas and we might implement them
  5. Help our website growth online, until we have regular users that enjoy its services
  6. Engineering future social networks to be more wonderful through design and planning
  7. Providing feedback on the direction the website takes over time as it's developed

Copypasta Publishing is currently an indie book publisher, while the new website will be property underneath it. What's exciting is that a unique name for the social media website will need to be chosen by testers. I want to include you in developing the marketing strategy and overall design and features of the weblogging site. I want Copypasta partners to help me decide on branding materials, unlike how I designed Caesar Naples Wiki with no collaboration at all.

Opportunity is now. I want to ask if you'll give your friends a similar appeal to mine, asking them to help me make writing software for modern social media blogging. I can write new testers a contract, so when I reach a milestone in progress they complete a new survey. I'm planning on paying testers $10 for every survey they fill out for me, if they provide feedback on the website and its look and feel. They will give their opinions about new features.