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When I realized I could heal people's minds with just a single phrase, I posted everything I could in a single list on a social site.

I built a community of what I thought of as "singularity therapy" that I thought would inspire others to solve emotional conflicts in their personal life.

I continued posting my greatest inspirations in short post threads. But as I continued to gain subscribers, there wasn't a single other post. It was as if I was the only one who could write Spoilers of the Universe.

The Problem with Creativity on Social Media

Individuals are scared to share their opinions in America online.

We talk in code and scrutinize every word we read because we're afraid of what is its source.

A Weblogging Site Made From Copypasta

When we post, we are careful to press the correct button. In our minds, there is no room for human error. We want to find a way where a poster can freely share information regularly to be stored for future perusal.

What if you could simply copy paste something and create original art?

Truly Effortless, Beautiful Personal Weblogging Websites

I've completed HTML and CSS learning on my own, and what I found is amazing. It's even therapeutic to write in HTML!

I'd like to turn what I learned about divs and CSS classes and make a tool which is a joy to use for making 100% custom pages for your weblogging journal.

There are countless CSS stylesheets and responsive, mobile and large screen compatible websites that look as amazing as the ones I made for Copypasta.

Security and Permanent Data Are Important Too

I'm working from the ground up to give America a site for writing you're not afraid to share.

I'm a one-man editing team and I have multiple creative outlets for Copypasta to interact with consumers. My strategy is to create a giant web or net of Copypasta content and capture the audience by making myself available to the public. We have a friendly relationship with authors and want to increase our number of partners. Simply gorgeous. Marvelous. Let's go, team.

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Star Liner

The crew of the Webelos launch a mystery during spaceflight that is only solved when someone on the ship observes something completely unexplained - and the entertainer, Stot, questions his humanity when the secret is finally revealed.

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Dreams of Morpheus

The interoperative code of our lives is secretive to us. Open-minded people cannot even see the lines of speech that drive us. We may analyze the "demon" and his placement, hidden, in our lives but only through the recourse of conversation will we be delivered. Paul Harris and M. J. Hewitt both exercised their talent in revealing an emotive, natural display of understanding while they created this book. The ultimate collection in perfect, synchronistic order, you may view a speechless beauty somewhere in the ebook.

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Bloodland Tales

From M. J. Hewitt, a horror author who spreads the demise of his spirit in every bone-sucking chapter. His intense ruminations on dark spiritual forces contain the potion to convert us into the archons of hell.

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The Cult

A teenage boy ventures through a world devastated by a drug known as Chem 1 and eventually finds success he never expected.

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Caesar Naples Wiki

Here is the latest example of Caesar Naples' writing. The imaginary staff at the Wiki have analyzed nearly every piece for your entertainment. Including The Cult novelette and close to 100 flash fiction entries. Don't forget to check out the art inside.

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Caesar Naples Wiki 2

From even further out there in the reaches of space comes celebrated author Caesar Naples, hidden from view. He's been found by Caesar Naples Wiki and his revealing stories about the nature of space and time are all here. Take some time to really get out of the norm with this flash fiction collection by author Caesar Naples

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Social Media Marketing Book

Caesar Naples comes forward with his first entry into the Copypasta Publishing library. He offers sound tips that have stood the test of time for social media marketing campaigns. He also delves into the extra world of paranoia and delusion to make some bold claims about reality.

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Dark Bat

A supernatural adventure that takes you across the farm and deep into the mind of a few resting Dark Bats.

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Reading the call to action made me sad. The note even mentioned Chicago, the town which has so much importance to me. I felt like it was too popular to be real. I think that's my fault. Will I be the psychologist I've been striving to become? To help the famous? To ruin the activists' day?

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Copypasta makes its way around the Internet as users copy and paste text blurbs in social media that appear as complete websites. Our authors are found blogging with concern only for the human appeal of their written works. When we finish creating a book, we use the same tools as a traditional publisher. Amazon and other premium subscription websites don't tell us what to do. We make publishing a blog captivating to audiences. We have an unlimited supply of posts from social media authors, while we build a great library for Copypasta Publishing.