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Science fiction novelettes exercise imaginations. One forty-five minute read, the novelette is a prize for publishers needing long-length short stories. Where science fiction is concerned, whose technological or futuristic plots spawn creatures and extra-terrestrial beasts, the format demands structure. Scenes from science fiction include a professor busy at his desk, children visiting a cloning facility, a space traveler acquiring psychic ear plugs, and anything else at all possible. You travel the universe, inside a bottle full of stars. Drive permeates the fiber of the authors' people. Laundromats become hibernation bays. Your automobile suddenly feels low-tech. You stop using shampoo because you've read it's mind control. You look at the stars. Make one of our e-books your companion during travel to earthly places. Caesar Naples Wiki unpredictably grows from the embedded pots Jordan planted before the end of the world. We survived the apocalypse together.

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By M. J. Hewitt

Bloodland Tales

From M. J. Hewitt, a horror author who spreads the demise of his spirit in every bone-sucking chapter. His intense ruminations on dark spiritual forces contain the potion to convert us into the archons of hell.


By Scott Branchfield

The crew of the Webelos launch a mystery during spaceflight that is only solved when someone on the ship observes something completely unexplained - and the entertainer, Stot, questions his humanity when the secret is finally revealed.


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What begins as an online marketing journey travels to the unknown and Naples sheds insight into topics of conspiracy and paranoia.


Caesar Naples delivers his personal brand of time traveling action, as he explores psychic powers, exotic wars, and planets outside the solar system.


Over 80 writing prompt responses from reddit spotlit author Jordan Jones found to be Caesar Naples' work.


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The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure detailing a long and powerful ayahusca trip. Zoom in to view choices and make your way to the end of the story. Get the true ending by mastering the game.

For parties, this generates phrases based on C. Naples' writing. It provides a science fiction backdrop to any activity and is great for generating text messages to surprise your friends.

The original C. Naples phrase generator. You can choose The Cult as a source text for a fresh set of new randomly generated sentences.

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