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Copypasta makes its way around the Internet as users copy and paste text blurbs in social media that appear to be spam but are posted by human users. Our ebooks are selected for publication with concern only for the human appeal of the complete work. When an author finishes a book, they often seek acceptance by a traditional publisher like us. However, we don't adhere to predetermined publishing goals. We make publishing a book as simple as writing it. We have an unlimited supply of books to publish from upcoming authors, while we build a great library for Copypasta Publishing.


Star Liner

A journey into space. The perfect companion during your earthly travels. Enter the world of space travelers and their mundane jobs. Unravel the mystery aboard the ship. Sink your teeth into this item born of the author's science fiction expertise.

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Stories of High Strangeness

What kind of personality hosts a radio show about the darkest American secrets ever imagined? Marc Shapiro brings his classic take on the persona of man, who is devilish and dark, himself. In the end, we gain entry into the secret garden of his twisted mind with this short story collection by this experienced story crafter.

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Bloodland Tales

From forever ago. A life form deep under the surface of reality. A prolonged exposure photograph of hell. The lens through with author Hewitt sees us all is bloody with our organs. We seek to learn of the place in our nightmares, imagined out of fear and anxiety. The author's den.

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